Quit Your Day Job

Quit it.
Quit the rat race.
Quit the nonsense.

Quit living for the weekend and start living for today.

It’s easier than you think. The biggest change you will need to make is how you adapt to the challenges that face you and what to do with all your new-found time.

“But Mike, I can’t quit. I’ve a $2,500 a month mortgage, two car payments, my kids will have college in a few years, I’m in credit card debt and my time is always in demand. I take the kids to soccer, cut the lawn and maybe have time for a sit down meal once a week with the family.”

In other words you are trapped. Just like millions of other Americans who are in identical situations hoping that make to retirement age healthy and with the funds to sit back and do, most often, nothing.

This is not living life.

This is not what you signed up for.

This is not how you thought it would be.

But I’ve escaped and it really wasn’t hard. All it took was restructuring my priorities and how I spent my money. I was working over 60 hours over a seven day week. I owned my own business. Had multiple car payments. A recent divorce. I had just turned 40 and realized: this is middle age. I’m in the prime of my life for 10? 15? more years… When is the cross country adventure going to take place? When am i finally going to learn how to surf? When do I do all the things I’ve dreamed about for years??? I literally had zero retirement money, and a small amount of savings. I was working for myself but I really was just working to pay bills.

Then it all changed. Or should I say, I changed it all.

And so can you. And you can start today.

An excerpt from my book due out 2016.